Surveillance is the backbone of any private investigators, allowing us to bring you the proof you need in your particular case. At Executive Investigations, we are the covert surveillance specialists. Our Florida private investigators agents are highly-trained professionals who are adept at conducting long-term surveillance operations without alerting the subject to their presence.​​​
Divorce and Cheating Partners

Divorce and unfaithful partners are very difficult issues for most people. Although Florida is a no-fault divorce state, there are several other factors to consider when deciding if you need the assistance of a private investigator.

Undoubtedly the largest area of concern is child custody, if children are involved. If the opposing party is engaging in conduct that is, or will be, detrimental to the welfare of your children, Executive Investigations can secure the proof you need to win your battle in court. Even in cases where children are not present, the evidence provided by a private investigator can greatly affect the division of assets. And finally, you deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing the truth, whatever it may be.

If you suspect that your spouse or partner may be unfaithful, contact us to learn the TRUTH.

Child Custody

During child custody cases we can provide surveillance of persons your child is in the care or custody of to determine any improper or unlawful activity that may be occurring. We can also conduct surveillance of these individuals during times your child is not in their care, in order to determine their lifestyle, living conditions and associates. If your child is living with someone else during any scheduled visitation, we can also provide surveillance to ensure your child is being properly cared for when not in your custody.

Background Checks

We know how important it is to you to feel secure about the people you enter into relationships with -- whether the relationships are business or personal. Executive Investigations conducts pre-employment background checks which can help employers avoid potentially devastating hires. We also specialize in personal surveillance which can reveal the true lifestyle of both personal acquaintances and intimate partners alike.

Bug Sweeps and Wire Tap Detection

Although laws have been enacted to protect individuals from invasion of privacy, there are literally thousands of wiretap and listening devices sold everyday, mostly over the Internet. Much of this equipment costs very little, but the damage it can cause you can be great. Imagine if the wrong person were to overhear your phone conversation with your doctor, or your lawyer? How would this affect pending litigation, divorce proceedings, or business deals you may be conducting? We are trained to detect wiretap and listening devices that range from the cheap homemade models to the sophisticated high-dollar devices. If you suspect your home or office may be “infested with a bug”, contact us for help and advice.


We are a bonded, licensed and insured Florida based private investigation corporation.  Agency number: A-2500133 

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